Elections in Poland

We're launching our access://democracy project with the monitoring and analysis of the October 2023 parliamentary elections in Poland, a key player in the EU democracy debate. Dive into our user-friendly dashboard, explore the most debated topics online and access a variety of resources we've prepared for you. Stay informed on every step of the election process and see democracy in action!

Elections are not only a peaceful transition of power – they are also the climax of intense public debate on the country's future. Social media is one of the primary battlefields of discussion and public opinion. It is also susceptible to manipulation. Malicious actors sow disinformation online for political ends and the most polarising topics are used as fodder for disinformation. Democracy Reporting International, in partnership with the Polish Institute of Public Affairs, conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of the upcoming Polish elections in April 2023 to anticipate key risk areas.

Based on this assessment, our dashboards monitor the complexities and consequences of online discussion of (1) the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, (2) the backsliding rule of law, (3) LGBTQ+ and gender topics and their reception, and (4) the discourse of key political actors towards their political opposition and the ruling party.
Our dashboards analyse the online speech of politicians, journalists, and civil society in Poland and offer visualisations to help you navigate the complex terrain of Polish politics and draw data-driven insights.

Most debated topics

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